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Hair loss is one of the most common problems

 Everyone experiences hair fall on a daily basis,

some people show signs of balding of hair and early greying much sooner than they realize.

For many of us , this is a very concerning issue. So, how can you stop hair loss and regrow your hair naturally? 

Well, one of the most effective ways of dealing with hair loss is Ayurvedic herbs. Ayurvedic medicine, especially ayurvedic herbal hair oils, are very effective in treating hair fall.

jagan hair oil

Pure Ayurvedic Herbs OIL

Jagan Hair Growth Oil is infused with pure natural oils such as castor oil, sunflower oil and  Sesame oil .

It has been formulated Fresh Herbs like Amla,Jatamansi,Bhringraj,Brahami,neem,fengreek seeds which have their own poteintal benifts for improving the texture and volatilty of your Hair.

All the essiantials herbs Infused in One Oil



Herb 1-Jatamansi - An ancient herb also known as Spikenard indigenous to Himalayas, is one of the essential ingredient of our Jagan Hair Oil is here to boost up your Beauty Regime.
Jatamansi is used to Boost Hair Growth and make it Silky Smooth.
Jatamansi is a Magical Potion for all those who are suffering from the ill effects of constant exposure to Dust and Air Pollution.
Fun Fact- JEHANGIR Struggling with Alcoholism, mixed Jatamansi with Honey, Saffron and other things to get His Alchoal intake under Control.

our Reviews

We Take Feed Back From Every Customer We Sold Our Product.

All the Red Dots in the Feed Book Shows The Positive Results  


The actual growth of Our client within # months usage of Jagan hair oil 

I Used Jagan Hair Oil for a month and started getting positive results like thickening  of hair and reduced Hair Fall 

abhimanya, ambala

#jagan veda

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