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a story about Us

My Dad Ram Narain is very Hard Working Indivudual who believes in bringing peace and love into others life and he has given me this genetic gift to help others. This trait was passed onto him By his Father Who's Name is Dr Jagan Nath .

I  would like to share my story of how we Got Jagan oil and how successful it is today with full honesty and transparency.
Years back My Grandfather Dr Jagan Nath use to prepare Hair oil and pain oil for our family use as he was Ayurvedic genius and renowned Dr in the City and had cured thousand of patients in his Lifetime.
Sadly Last Year he said goodbye to all of us and has taken shelter In Heaven.:)
Unfortunately this year  from March   Our  Mother planet Earth started facing Corona Pandemic and since everybody was in lock down during starting months of march ,  April  so was my dad.

Since he is a  very productive kind of Person he started reading books and was inspiring himself and while looking Old memories of his Father 
and sudden look at the decreasing hair line on his head , he was struck with an idea of Recreating The Oil his father use to make and help himself and other People with  their Hair problems.
So He started with the production of the oil in the lock down and with a little improvisation and he made The JAGAN HAIR OIL (now you know how the oil got its name).

Since he owns a medical Shop he started selling first Batch of Jagan Oil at his own shop and his good habit of writing everything down he wrote down the address ,phone number of every customer he gave Jagan Oil and after three weeks he use to call each and every person who took Jagan Oil and take his feedback.

Astonishingly  90% of the people got the desired Results and were really happy with the hair Progress which includes stopping Hair fall, decresing Dandruff and most importantly Increasing Hair Growth.

Currently we have above 2000  Happy Customers  :) with Positive and genuine Feedback . The  Quick Video about Details of all the customers is already posted on website and instagram .Still you wish to Enquire or want to have a word with any previous customers Feel free To ask .
A little bit Myself..
Hi I am Pulkit 
I came back home recently in August was surprised to see the Success Of Jagan Hair Oil in our city and nearby Villages .
Since I came From an IT background I decided to take our OIL Online so that we can Reach to Maximum People all Over India and help them Get rid of Their Hair Problems and Make them Pretty again.

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